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JIMMY PowerWash HW8 Pro: Remove All Types of Dirt From Various Surface, Instantly Dry Floor without Stains

Do you encounter the following troubles in your daily life?Dirty ground affects baby's health.
Pet footprints are not easy to clean.
Stubborn stains in the kitchen, greasy and difficult to clean.
Traditional mop cannot clean the ground deeply and efficiently.

PowerWash HW8 PRO Dry Quickly in One Step Clean Without Leaving StainsSave time by vacuuming and washing your floors at the same time. Easily clean wet and dry messes.

Smart LED Display Manage your Cleaning Work IntelligentlyJIMMY PowerWash HW8 Pro's onboard intelligent LED display shows helpful, real-time information.

High Efficiency Brushless Digital MotorSelf-developed high efficiency brushless digital motor, drives strong power.

Advanced Features for Vacuuming, Scrubing, Mopping

Practical Multi-functions to Help Deep Clean, Especially for Pet Owners.

Separate and Detachable Clean/Dirty Water Tank, Always Wipe with Clean WaterDual tank technology keeps clean water and solution separated from dry/debris and dirty water, enable you to continuously clean the floor with clean water

One-Touch Self-Cleaning Set Your Hands FreeEasily activate the self-cleaning function with just one touch. The machine flushes brushroll and tubes with clean water, keeping the brushroll clean and your home odor-free

Replaceable Lithium Battery PackReplaceable battery pack makes you no longer worry about the aging of battery. And you can easily double working time with an extra battery pack.

Two-speed Operation ModesTwo-speed mode choice, gives your powerful performance without the extra noise.

Use with Multi-Surface Floor Cleaning SolutionFast sterilization, long-lasting antibacterial Chlorine-free, Non-toxic, No alcohol.

Easy to Clean Big HouseJIMMY PowerWash helps clean big house quickly, without repeating cleaning steps. Keep fresh and tidy becomes easy.

What's Included

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